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Extra Curricular Activities 
Extra Curricular & other Active Learning Activities 
In today’s competitive world a child has to be expert in multifarious activities besides academics with an overall development in his/her personality and other attitudes. With a view to increase the exposure of the students, we provide several Active Learning Activities. They are as follows:
arw Swimming 
arw Tennis 
arw Football
arw Cricket 
arw Badminton
arw Skating 
arw Gym
arw Table tennis
arw Karate
We have Professionally qualified Coaches for the above Activities! 
Larger Ground Facility available
Regular Field trips organized. 
Exchange programmes organized with other International schools.

Active Learning Activities
arw Plant a tree program.
arw Healthy living week. (Kindergarten & Graders) 
arw No text book day.(Kindergarten) 
arw Monthly themes. (Kindergarten) 
arw Parents' support group – organization of fun fair.

Co-Curricular Activities 
With a view to increase the exposure of the students we have added more CCA act
arw Tabla
arw Pianica
arw Chess 
arw Bharatnatyam
arw Kathak
arw Ballet
Professionally Qualified Teachers for all the above activities.

All the students from std I to IX are allocated one of the four Houses : Red-Alps, Blue-Himalayas, Green-Darby, Yellow- 
The school has a system of house parents where by one teacher is allotted the responsibility for a group of children and he/she will keep a daily track record of all round development and progress and will be in constant touch with the parents of the children in his care.
The school organizes various inter-house competitions. The fundamental objective is to develop team and individual skills, confidence, sportsmanship and explore talent among other things.
Competitions are held separately for the Juniors and seniors once in 15 days. The students are encouraged to exhibit their talent in music, dance, cultural activities and sports . Events like Extempore Speech, Declamation, Recitation, Dumb Charades, What's the good word?, English spelling bee, Dumb Charades, etc. help them to become confident, learn the art of stage presentation, backstage management, assume responsibilities well and learn to cooperate. The school also aims to inculcate better general and social awareness amongst the students through cultural program to celebrate international and Indian festivals and other special occasions. 

Children today are under a lot of stress. Homework, pressure to compete with other children, endless after-school activities, over-scheduling -- it all adds up. At OIS we are teaching our students Yoga to help them relax. Yoga helps them develop better body awareness, self-control, flexibility and coordination. Yoga has also been shown to help the hyperactive and attention-deficit child. These children crave movement and sensory/motor stimulus. Yoga helps channel these impulses in a positive way. 

Field Trips 
At OIS we believe that students should be exposed to a variety of activities and field trips as it is very essential for the all round development of the students' personality. Students can improve their interaction skills with peers and seniors, organizational ability, observation, learn to be independent and imbibe invaluable insights
into life around them.
We propose to send our children to Fire Station, Police Station, Post Office, Bank, Hospital, Science Centre, Bird Park , Zoo, factory visits, theatre, movies and a wide range of exciting places.
Field trips are held once in each term.

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