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Beyond the Curriculam

The OIS curriculum is designed taking into account the varying needs of children at different stages of their growth, both mental as well as physical. Starting from Preschool up to Std-X, the curriculum is segregated into 3 distinct stages such as Discovering School, Learning to Learn, Preparing for Life.
Discovering School:
Since the children admitted in the preschool are leaving home for the first time, they need to develop emotional independence. Once comfortable in new environment , they learn the basics of reading, writing and simultaneously develop social skills to adjust with peers.

Learning to Learn:
From Standard III to VII students are taught to develop healthy, adjustments and relationships and make classroom learning more meaningful and fun. They are encouraged for activities such as quizzes, field trips, project works, role-plays and group discussions along with the focus on formal learning of languages, mathematics and sciences.
Preparing for Life:
Entering the VIII grade, children become adolescents. This is a difficult period as they undergo physical and emotional changes. They are guided to make effective adjustments in their family and school life. They are helped to identify and develop their abilities, aptitudes and interest for future career plans.
OIS cultivates Indian identity, sensitive individual with respect for elders, knowledge of Indian diversity and passion for ethics and a commitment to help others through neighborhood services and community celebration of national festivals.

After School Care: 
For the convenience of the working parents, OIS is offering "After School" services where your child can stay with the Kindergarten teacher after school hours from 1:15pm to 3.15pm. During this post- class "After School" period the children would be supervised by a qualified and experienced teacher.
The After School activities would include communicative english and cooking, origami, games, music, story telling etc. Special care will be taken to maintain proper hygienic conditions during the lunch breaks. Parents have to make their own transport arrangements for their children to be picked up from the care programme after 3.30 pm.

After School English Programme: 
Special After School English Course: 3:30 p.m ~ 4:30 p.m. Four days a week viz. - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

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