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The verdant, beautiful campus of Oneness International School (OIS) is located just 30 minutes drive from the heart of Bhubaneswarr City and  5 minutes drive from the New Bus Stand (Khurda). It’s located close to the Indo Tibetan Boarder Police Force on National Highway 5.

The campus has been modeled to facilitate the finest educational services (facilities) and enhance all-round development of children. It would provide teaching that relies on Indian culture but in the best physical environment and infrastructure. All classrooms are colorful, aesthetically designed and technically formulated for a learning atmosphere. The school campus ground is rich and spacious enough to fulfill all the following requirements.

A splendid architecture, reflecting kid’s imagination and a concern for convenience, the school building is as awe inspiring as it can get. The school is packed with tremendous facilities. It’s the best a kid can get, anywhere, around the globe.

Ergonomically designed chairs and other comfort furniture just emphasize the extent of detailing that has been explored. Every effort has been made to help the students feel comfortable completely at home.

Assembly ground:
The assembly ground is large enough to hold a total strength of 1400 students. It occupies the center of the classrooms in the campus of the school.

In addition to containing books to meet the demand of the students and the faculty, the school library has a good stock of electronics knowledge material including CD/DVD ROMs, Audio Video cassettes, tapes, films, etc. The library is equipped with textbooks, reference books and storybooks.

Multi purpose Hall:
Our Multi purpose Hall is a beautiful addition to bring out the best in the students. It solves the purpose of cafeteria, auditorium, gymnasium and health club as well as meeting point. With a classy look& feel, the school multi purpose hall makes a perfect atmosphere where students can explore themselves like never before.

Class Rooms:
Large, spacious classrooms with fewer students become an ideal place for the kids to give a flight to imagination. They are encouraged to do so! The positive vibes that one can feel within the walls can make learning here as fun and enlightening, rather than a daunting task. 

A Cafeteria is available in the campus for the students to relax and refresh. The School stresses on hygienic and ensures that the Cafeteria is clean and tidy. The school promotes vegetarianism, and so, there will be a choice only in vegetarian food. The food and snacks served to the students are balanced and nutritious, promoting health awareness.

Indoor and Outdoor space to encourage all Games and Sports
The School’s spacious grounds are attractively landscaped with carefully selected trees, bushes and flowering plants, creating a welcoming environment and providing pleasant meeting places for pupils during breaks. The students involve themselves in various indoor as well as outdoor activities by keeping the notion in mind that “The healthy mind remains in a healthy body”.

The entire campus has a 24x7 wi-fi internet connection. It is fully automated and implements the best available Student Management System. Video Conferencing facility is also arranged so that the students and teachers can connect with their age groups across the world. At Oneness International School, we realize we can’t predict the future of students but we can provide the technologies that will help them shape it for themselves. 

Smart classes/ Multimedia Facilities
Teaching through the latest pedagogy, is the on-going motto of the School. All the teachers are trained to teach through smart class, to make teaching enjoyable and refreshing. Mexus Digital Class is an innovative comprehensive solution designed to the specific curriculum guidelines for use in class. Computer aided learning system is introduced for pre-primary to Std 10.

School Net:
In school net, the children can navigate the information highway, they can enjoy a real kind of freedom that we never dreamed of could exist.

Activity/Learning Center 
Club activities help the students to learn and practice skills that will help them express with their individuality. To nurture the talent of each OISian, Oneness International School has made extensive arrangements that enable the students to learn different arts, crafts, music and dance. The school provides a rich variety of activities namely as a club like Arts club, Music club, Sculpture & Pottery club, Dance club karate and yoga classes for meaningful engagement depending on their needs and interests.

Workshop/Hobby Center
One of the objectives of education is to inculcate in children, the appreciation of beauty and to help them develop a sense of aesthetics. A lot of emphasis is placed on the Fine as well as the Performing Arts. In junior school, compulsory exposure is given to art and craft, music and dance, dramatics etc. In Middle school, each student chooses one or two areas to develop and expertise in, and skilled guidance is provided on a regular basis.
The fine arts department at OIS is structured to initiate students in a multitude of expressionist media including pencil, pastels, crayons, clay and plaster.

Safety and Security:
Oneness International School (OIS) gives maximum importance to the safety of its students. 24x7 advanced monitoring and tracking systems has therefore been installed in the entire campus. The entire campus is under surveillance using IP based camera and other tools. Security guards are also selected only after thorough evaluation and referral check. Visitors are not allowed into the campus except with prior appointment.


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