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Oneness emphasizes on the importance of the emotional, artistic and creative aspects of human development. That is why we have laid a lot of emphasis in creating a warm, welcoming, invigorating and home-like atmosphere in our hostels. The hostels have comfortable, air-conditioned rooms, with 24-hour uninterrupted electricity supply, hot/cold water supply, laundry, round the clock security of the buildings, telephones, computer and internet connections, access to first-aid, nurse and doctor.

The boys’ hostels at Oneness International Schools are homes away from home. Students spend as much time in the hostels as they spend at study or co-curricular activity, and hence develop the ‘confidence to be independent’ and experiences of growing-up together.

At Oneness International School, there are three categories of students; Day Boarders, Weekly Boarders and Full Boarders.

Day Boarders:
Under the Day Boarding Concept, the Children will have their breakfast, lunch and evening snacks at School. They will reach Campus in the morning and leave only by evening - after completing their studies, homework, sports, activities and other developmental programs. This would ensure that at the end of the day, the child can spend good quality time with parents and family members, and share his daily experience.

Weekly Boarders:
The Weekly Boarders are those students who stay full week from Sunday evening to Friday evening at in the students’ hostels.

Full Boarders:
The Full Boarders are those students who stay full time at the students’ hostel.

House Parents:
Every hostel has House Parents in charge of the functioning, the administration and the discipline of the hostel. Students deals with their House Parents in the way they treat their parents; interacting with them, reporting to them, constantly seeking their advice and guidance. House Parents may be teachers as well, but they have the caliber, the knowledge, the skills and the patience to assist students through their educational journey.
Other Facilities
Computerized Student History Book:
The school shall maintain computerized history cards of each student to monitor the students, subject wise performance from standard I to XII, student’s health record, student’s circular competence, students special achievements if any, and many more vital information of each student.

Individual Attention:
An effort will be made to pay individual attention to all students in academic as well as in their physical, mental and moral development. The house concept system will ensure personal attention to all students in dealing with their personal problems. The perfect arrangement in the house system trains the students to shoulder responsibility in matters of discipline and work.

The School has its own fleet of Air-Conditioned buses. The buses are fitted with LCD projectors to display various educational CDs in order to develop the outlook & other skills of the students during their journey from home to school and back. Each bus has a driver, conductor who is provided with mobile phone for the easy access of the parents along with complete safety and security of the children.

The school shall have its own fleet of buses to pick students from any destination from Khorda, Jatani, Banki, Nayagarah and Bhubaneshwar.

Provision is made for students to watch educational videos or channels like National Geographic, Discovery or cartoons while traveling to-and-fro the campus.

Health and Hygiene:
At OIS, health and hygiene of the students is given prime importance. This is ensured by implementing the following measures:
 A non-compromising attitude towards cleanliness 
arw Staff training at all levels
arw Close supervision and monitoring of areas prone to be unhygienic
arw Educating and creating awareness among students

The school has in house doctor facility to look after the medical needs of the students. In addition to this, the school organizes health checkups in regular intervals to safeguard the health of all the students. Round the clock facilities of Nurse available for the hostel boarders.

The school provides hygienic, healthy and nutritious meals to the students on time. The chefs design the menu, keeping in mind the dietary needs of the children. Pure vegetarian foods are served in the dining hall educating the table manners to the students. The food will be cooked and served under utmost hygienic conditions and care The students often play an active part in selecting the menu. Healthy bites and juices will also be served at appropriate intervals The school is very particular about cultural and religious sentiments of the students and hence provides multi cuisine diet after a community prayer..

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