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Leading International School, Bhubanewar, Odisha CBSE Pattern | Welcome To Oneness International School (OIS)

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Our Flavours

The Oneness Difference 
  • Exchange programs with schools abroad for students and teachers
  • Tie-ups with leading organizations for music, dance, sports and other activities
  • Workshops and training programs by clubs, associations and maestros in various skills / art/ talent
  • Balanced focus on academics, extracurricular activities, sports and life skills for students
  • Use of smart classrooms and multimedia contents from Mexus.
  • Teachers recruited from across India and abroad.
  • Television in school buses showing channels like National Geographic, Discovery or cartoons while traveling to and fro the School.
  • Regular visits of famous people from various fields across India and globe.

  • Coaching by experienced faculty members
  • Regular doubt clearing classes
  • English ambience
  • Stress on effective communication skills
  • Hands on experiences n personality development classes
  • Extra guidance for slow performers 
  • Study tours and picnics
  • Ideal teacher pupil ratio (1:25)
  • Regular and constructive supervision by authorities 
  • Regular Parent teacher interaction
  • Emphasis on understanding through audio-visual pattern rather than memorising

Our ideas:
The idea is to increase the child’s capacities of visualization and imagination so as to encourage him/her to think creatively and constructively to stimulate the child’s quest for knowledge and to inculcate a spirit of curiosity in him/her.

So what makes us exceptional?
Ours is a happy school that believes in child-centered education. It is a Day Boarding, Weekly Boarding and Fully Residential System, a unique concept in Khurda as well as in Odisha. The School begins at 8a.m. and ends at 5 p.m.  
  1. Oneness is a home away from home for children. 
  2. A Day Boarding School
  3. A Fair Homework Concept- In one hour after regular studies the children do practice work based on the learning of the whole day to avoid long writing hours of home work at home.
  4. No Lunch Box- Breakfast, Lunch & Evening snacks are served in hygienic condition.
  5. No Daily Carrying Loads of Books- In the school children are provided with individual lockers to keep back their Books.
  6. Integration of Technology into the Curriculum- The school management actively supports the integration of technology in the curriculum by providing teachers and students sufficient access to computer facilities.
  7. Getting Parents Involved- The involvement of parents in the child’s education is a major factor in improving the school effectiveness, the quality of education and the child’s academic success. A parent representative from each class is selected to represent and coordinate the parents and teachers efforts for the growth of students.

Oneness Children’s Course
Oneness organizes a unique children's course to bring a spiritual and wholesome joyous childhood amongst children who have to cope with the present day competition. It is a unique proposition in that the school has brought together ancient wisdom and powerful inner techniques to help children grow up to lead exemplary fulfilled lives as adults. This children's course enables them to evolve into highly advanced individuals and happy adults capable of handling the vagaries of life with equanimity, earning success both in life and relationships.

The pressures of academics/competitions are creating unhealthy degrees of stress. The Oneness Children's course uses simple though powerful methods that help to bring about a shift in the child's individual consciousness level. This in turn gives the child tools to lead a far more enriched life, full of promise, joy and hope for a wonderful future.
We offer you this opportunity of making this possible by enrolling the children to fulfill a promise of living an awakened life, full of eternal joy and success. The 'Oneness Children's Course will not only help them to become responsible and valuable citizens but creative and focused in their chosen profession and also excellent parents in themselves in the in future. 

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